Agency Setup and Management Plan

Portugal Space is an agency to be primarily considered as an instrument of the Portuguese government, in close articulation with the Regional Government of the Azores, to make Portugal a place of space-related innovation, based on scientific excellence and competitive industrial capabilities, generating high level jobs, inspiring young generations and placing Portugal as a significant contributor of progress in the world, with a particular action on emerging forms of the “New Space”.


In order to achieve these objectives the agency will be oriented to guarantee that, by 2030, Portugal is widely recognised as a global authority in the science and economics of space-Earth-climate interactions, making particular use of “double-use” technologies for Earth Observation and including a special focus on secure and safe space-ocean interactions and methods of data science for the benefit of society.

The main tasks to be performed by the agency Portugal Space are as follows


Contribute to promote and implement the Portuguese space policy and strategy – Portugal Space 2030


Represent Portugal, on behalf of the Government of Portugal, on the international scene


Serve as Portugal’s gateway to space for space and non-space actors in Portugal, in Europe and worldwide


Propose updates to the Portuguese space policy and strategy


Promote space and contribute to Portugal’s capacity building

Agency Top Skills and Qualities to Attain


To be trusted by its stakeholders and partners, and to be able
to manage risks


To be able to attract stakeholders and partners ready to share objectives and risks, as well as to attract the best talents


To be able to decide quickly and to be able to take risks


To be able to react quickly and embark into new missions without a long and risky transformation


In terms of own functions and resources, excluding any function able to be outsourced and which could introduce rigidity

A doubled function is suggested:

  • entity responsible for national budget and operations beyond the scope of ESA;

  • entity responsible for Portuguese ESA-budget and relationships;


where both parts are realised in one organisation, the first modern/agile services to deal with national issues and operations beyond the scope of ESA, the second one an ESA-Hub, to be established in a modern/efficient way in the context of ESA. Through institutionalised links between the two “heads” the coherence can be achieved: One head is the deputy of the other entity and vice versa.


The Space Agency President, has the following direct responsibilities:

  • strategy;

  • overall management and distribution of responsibilities;

  • responsible for renewal of personnel;

  • front-line person;

  • HoD to ESA on behalf of the Portuguese government and responsible for Portuguese representation of ESA in all subordinate bodies;


and will ensure that the following functions are covered by an adequate appointment of staff as the agency grows.
The Agency also relies on an Advisory Committee. This has no executive
functions. Its role is to advise on:

  • the strategies to be adopted by the agency as set out in Portugal Space 2030;

  • the targets to be set for quality of service, and financial performance (and monitoring and advising on performance against these);

  • the resources needed to meet those targets.


To ensure that the use of public money is visible by monitoring financial reporting and discipline regular audits will be performed supported by the agency in providing all the required information such as the annual financial statements, and risk registers.

Founding Members

Executive Board

Chiara Manfletti


Luís Santos

Vice President

General Assembly

Paulo Ferrão


Presidente da Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.

Alberto Coelho

Vice President

Diretor Geral da Direção-Geral de Recursos da Defesa Nacional

Carolina Costa


Fiscal Board

Eduardo Maldonado


Presidente do Conselho de Administração da ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação S.A.

Arnaldo Machado


João Careca


ROC (revisor oficial de contas)