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The European Space Agency awarded 2.5 billion euros in development contracts for six future Earth-observation missions under the Copernicus remote-sensing satellite programme.

Portugal Space promotes an interpretation session on the technical consultation on the civil liability insurance of space operators. The event is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

The Portuguese Space Agency is carrying out a technical consultation to assist the Government in regulating the civil liability of space operators.

Portuguese Universities are promoting an “Ocean Colour Summer School”, supporting one of the primary focuses of Portugal Space 2030 strategy: Earth Observation. Undergraduate and master students can apply for ten scholarships.

ESA is launching the first Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS), a project aiming to reduce the costs of deploying satellites into orbit. Onboard of the next Vega flight are 53 satellites, including eSail, developed with the contribution of two Portuguese companies.

ESA BIC Portugal
reaches 15 incubators

The Portuguese network of incubators associated with the European Space Agency’s incubation programme has increased from three to 15 organisations some of which will work together in local subnetworks.

Portugal Space launches inquiry to national space companies

The Portuguese Space Agency is updating the Portuguese Space Catalogue to provide an accurate picture of the size, relevance and economic weight of the space sector in Portugal.

Portugal invited to the board of the EST

Portugal Space will be joining the Board of the European Solar Telescope. The new infrastructure will be fundamental to help Europe to transform our understanding of the complex phenomena that drive the solar magnetic activity.

Portugal Space seeks incubators to strengthen ESA's network

The Portuguese Space Agency, together with the IPN, want to strengthen the Incubation Centre of the ESA in Portugal, with new technological incubators. The national network will size ten incubators.

Space2connect Conference, Netherlands, March 2020

ESA promotes the first-ever conference “Space2connect” to explore emerging space-based solutions to the challenges and opportunities of today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy. Conference attendance is free of charge, but space is limited.

Solar Orbiter takes Portuguese technology to Sun atmosphere

The next European Space Agency mission is aiming at the Sun. The Solar Orbiter, which has Portuguese technology onboard, will be launched next Sunday and is expected to do its first closest passage to the Sun in March 2022.

Empresas portuguesas envolvidas em missão da ESA

A Agência Espacial Europeia (ESA) lança esta terça-feira, dia 17 de Dezembro, uma missão para estudar exoplanetas, isto é, planetas situados fora do nosso sistema solar, na qual estão envolvidas três empresas e um centro de investigação portugueses.

ESA Member States take the lead for the removal of space debris

During the ESA Meeting at Ministerial Level, Space19+, that took place in Sevilla end of November, ESA Member States decided to take the lead for the removal of space debris, by financially supporting ADRIOS, a mission lead by ClearSpace.

German designer creates Portugal Space logo

Anett Krase is the designer whose logo proposal was selected to be the logo of Portugal Space, the new Portuguese Space Agency. The new image of the Agency resulted from a contest that attracted over 300 entries from around the world.

ESA ministers commit to biggest ever budget

The 22 Member States endorsed the most ambitious plan in the history of ESA, accounting for 14.4 billion euro over five years. The Portuguese contribution has also increased significantly from 73 million euro subscribed in 2016 to 102 million for the next years.

ESA want you: Apply for 2019 YGT

With the support of Portugal, as a Member State, the European Space Agency will give to 100 young graduates the opportunity to discover how fascinating the universe can be and how space can help to solve some of the most urgent problems of our Home Planet.

Global competition of AI and space technologies

The Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal Space Agency, European Space Agency and Unbabel Labs open competition for a €500,000 award that will combine Artificial Intelligence and space technologies to solve major sustainability issues.

International Space Forum 2019

Portugal was represented – even at distance – in the International Space Forum at Ministerial Level by Portugal Space president Chiara Manfletti. The event took place in Reggio Calabria, Italy, September 5th.

ISU Master of Space Studies

Chiara Manfletti, Portugal Space president, was as invited speaker in the Graduation Ceremony of the 2019 Master of Space Studies as well as in the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 edition of the International Space University, located in Strasbourg, France.

Joint Training Course on Atmospheric Composition

The European Space Agency (ESA), the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), and the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) are organising a first joint training course on Atmospheric Composition.

Summer CEmp 2019 Monsaraz

Chiara Manfletti, Portugal Space president, was as invited speaker in the third edition of Summer CEmp which occured from 27th to the 30th of August in Monsaraz.

Memorandum of Understanding: UK and Portugal

A new memorandum of understanding between the UK and Portugal is signed between Chris Skidmore, UK Minister of State, and Manuel Heitor, Portuguese Minister Manuel Heitor.

Portugal New Space Evening

The 50th anniversary of the man on the moon was celebrated at TAGV, in Coimbra, with short pitches of enterpreneurs showing how space data and assets can be uses to provide socio-economic benefits.

MIT Portugal Workshop

The Coordination of the MIT Portugal Program organized the “Oceans to Space: the new deep-blue economy” workshop, which took place on July 13th at the Casa de Mateus Foundation, and invited Chiara Manfletti, president of Portugal Space.


The Science Meeting 2019, which took place at the Lisbon Congress Center, was designed to promote the broad debate of the main themes and challenges of the scientific agenda beyond the universe of research.

New Space Atlantic Summit 2019

Space is today an infrastructure for daily life, contributing to the wellbeing and success of society and the economy, supporting businesses in many different sectors.
Join us in Azores!

ESA's new mission to intercept a comet

‘Comet Interceptor’ has been selected as ESA’s new fast-class mission. Comprising three spacecraft, it will be the first to visit a truly pristine comet or other interstellar object that is only just starting its journey into the inner Solar System.

PT Space and CNES sign cooperation agreement

At the Paris Air Show, on 17 June, an agreement was signed between the Portuguese and French Space Agencies for cooperation in the space sector. This Agreement will help to develop economic activities in many areas.

Portugal Space joins the Space Climate Observatory

Portugal Space has recently joined the Space Climate Observatory (SCO) initiative, along with leaders of dozens of national space agencies, in an official ceremony at the Paris Air Show event in France.

What is your space dream?

From 11 until 21 June the European Space Agency has invited everyone to upload a 30 second video about the Space19+ topic that inspired them the most and explain what is their dream about it. You can win a prize with your participation!

Azores ISLP: Phase 2

Presentation, debate and Competitive Dialogue for the Construction, Operation and Exploitation of a Spaceport enabling a new generation of launch services, located in the island of Santa Maria, Azores.

Ceremony of the Portuguese Space Agency constitution

Ceremony of the Portuguese Space Agency constitution with the presence of MCTES and the President of the Regional Government of the Azores, Vasco Cordeiro, in Ponta Delgada.

19.01.2020 Diário de Notícias

The Autonomous Region of Madeira is now an observer member of Portugal Space.


Interview with Chiara Manfletti after her President appointment in the First General Assembly.


Interview with Chiara Manfletti after her President appointment in the First General Assembly.

23.03.2019 Açoreano Oriental

Article on Luís Santos after his Vice President appointment in the First General Assembly.