Activities and Partnerships

Under the magnifying glass

Open Call for Proposals for Incubators to join the ESA BIC Portugal

The Portuguese Space Agency, together with the IPN, want to strengthen the Incubation Centre of the ESA in Portugal, with new technological incubators. Applications are now open.


Portugal Space is looking for an entity or group of entities that is interested in hosting ISU Space Studies Programme in Portugal in 2022.

In addition to on-going and operational activity, such as in the field of SST, any new development in Portugal should thus be built upon the following principles:

  • Respond to strategic guidelines defined in Portugal Space 2030;

  • Respond to the high level objective set above;

  • Ensure negligible environmental/safety impact on ground and in space;

  • Invest towards significant socio-economic benefit;

  • Embrace partnerships nationally and internationally;


All these aspects justify aiming for a 6-fold increase of Portuguese Space budgets in the next years. The sections below summarise activities to be envisaged in the years to come. The implementation of such activities should be seen as a balance of investments through ESA and/or on a national basis.

Funding and Capital Raising

Secure funding from both private and public sources


Strengthen both the space sector in Portugal and strengthen other sectors through the use of space-based service

Capacity Building

Capacity building and technology R&D activities to enable seamless chain of innovation

Monitoring of Investments and Evolving Sector

Secure balanced investment allowing a continuous evolution of the sector

Lighthouse Projects

In implementing the Portuguese Space strategy, the Agency will pursue a number of lighthouse projects